Arbeitsplätze und Büroräume im ikonischen Gebäude der Geyer Werke

Harzer Straße, 12059 Berlin

Offene Arbeitsplätze (ca. 100 Plätze verfügbar)
Nettomiete: 250,- €
Anzahl Plätze im Raum: 30 Anzahl freier Plätze: 30 Verfügbar ab: Sofort
Teamraum (6er)
All-incl.-Miete (netto): 2.100,- €
Fläche: x  m2 Max. Arbeitsplätze: 6 Verfügbar ab: Sofort
Teamraum (9er)
All-incl.-Miete (netto): 3.150,- €
Fläche: x  m2 Max. Arbeitsplätze: 9 Verfügbar ab: Sofort
Teamraum (12er)
All-incl.-Miete (netto): 4.200,- €
Fläche: x  m2 Max. Arbeitsplätze: 12 Verfügbar ab: Sofort


Mindestlaufzeit:  1 Monat
Kündigungsfrist:  30 Tage zum Monatsende
Kaution:  Keine



Neukölln is our newest co-working space in Berlin, located in the iconic Geyer Werke building. With a mix of team rooms, co-working areas, event spaces, and creative studios, our house in Neukölln is about going back to our roots. It's a space where startups, makers, freelancers, and large teams can work side by side, just like the good old days.


Our houses are located in prime locations in both Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Whether you're a large team looking for a home or a small team looking to grow, we have space available for teams of 6-60.

Each team room is customizable to your needs, but for every team room, you can expect flexible seating, storage, premium seating in the coworking space, and large glass walls to facilitate privacy and openness.


Harzer Straße

Über die Kaffeemaschine

Our Coffee Machine serves one of the best and finest barista brew coffees from Coffee Circle.

Über die Firma

Unser Wunschmieter

We welcome Small to Medium Startups that need team room for 6+ people. And we also have enough space to facilitate Club and Pro Membership in Neukölln.

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