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Freie Arbeitsplätze in jungem Coworking Space mit kreativer Community

Rudi Dutschke Strasse, 10969 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

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All-incl.-Miete (netto): 250,- €
Anzahl Plätze im Raum: 30 Anzahl freier Plätze: 30 Verfügbar ab: Sofort


Mindestlaufzeit:  1 Monat
Kündigungsfrist:  2 Monate zum Monatsende
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We are a coworking space and community started back in 2009. We set out to create a workspace where people could work on their own projects while exchanging knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. Today, we're one of the leading coworking spaces in Berlin with 1,000+ events each year and a global network of partner spaces in Barcelona, Sofia, Hamburg, and 76 locations worldwide.

Ready to work together? We've got flexible workspace and team rooms for teams of all sizes.

Our houses are located in prime locations in both Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Whether you're a large team looking for a home or a small team looking to grow, we have space available for teams of 6-60.

Each team room is customizable to your needs, but for every team room, you can expect flexible seating, storage, premium seating in the coworking space, and large glass walls to facilitate privacy and openness.

Unsere Arbeitschutzmaßnahmen 

We ask our members to take care of the current COVID regulations.


We are located right at Check Point Charlie.